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Austin-Healey 3000 - 3000 Front End Shake

Working on a friends 66 MK 3 3000 with a front end shake that comes in at about 50 mph. Unlike some cars you can't drive thru the shake. I mean once it starts it does not go away as speed increases.
Here is what we've done. Replaced rear leaf springs due to broken spring. Highspeed wheel balance with front wheels installed on car. Have not rebalance rear wheels yet. Adjusted most of the play out of steering wheel without making steering too tight. This improved the shake. Front end seems to be solid. There is a whisker of float in one of the front wheel beraings, not shimmed perfect by a prior owner. But it doesn't seem too bad. Don't know how critical that is. We plan to go over the drive shaft and make sure the universals are OK. And will check the motor mounts, but since the shake does not relate to rpm only to speed, don't think that's the problem. Any other ideas out there? I know these cars are known to have a shuttle shake. But this is really too much to enjoyable drive. Oh, by the way, the radial tires are in good shape with no signs of scuffing or uneven wear.
W Mann

Happened to me once with my '64 Mk III. Looked everywhere in the front for the problem and couldn't find a thing. Couldn't find fault with the rear either until I found one of the rear shock mounting bolts was loose! That was all it was. The frame is flexible enough that it just starts a whip action that shows up in the front suspension shaking.
Mark Miller

This thread was discussed between 07/05/2003 and 21/04/2004

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