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Austin-Healey 3000 - Exhaust System

I have a 3000 MKIII. What is the best exhaust system for quality and most important sound. Where is the best place to buy. Thanks -- Curt
Curtis Parnell

Came looking for ideas on a performance system for my Mk I, but I had an ANSA system on my '64 and it was super! Great sound, good fit and no evidence of rusting either. Was so nice I saved it when I sold the car (thought I had another Mk III located.)
Since you're in CA, GO to Moss and get the system there. (Save shipping and the risk that they will cut the thing in the wrong place just to UPS - and forget the rear section while they're at it.)
Once I got the whole system installed I never had a problem with it.
Mark Miller

I just bought a 3000 but on my MGB, I asked the local British Auto shop who they use for exhaust. I went to the shop and they customized a system which is far better than the kits sold by Moss, at a cheaper price as well. These guys knew what the sound was supposed to be since they deal with classics all the time sent by the Brit shop. Look around in your area and ask around.

Have found that the mild steel exhaust,gives the best sound for big healeys. Walker the british original, and still the best. Have tried one system made by SC in the UK to my detriment, just didn't have the right sound.

Kim Rutherford. AH 63 BJ7
K Rutherford

This thread was discussed between 06/04/2003 and 10/09/2004

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