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Austin-Healey 3000 - Looking for a Healey 3000

I've been thinking of gettig myself a Healey and have been doing a bit of gentle browsing trying to discover a little about the marque.
I reckon that I'm looking for a car about 1967 with the little bucket seats in the back, hood which is attached to the car at the rear rail. This means a BH8 (or is it BT8?).
Anyway, anyone know of a source. I can't afford a top condition car and will be happy to consider it a long term project to bring it up to a good standard. However, I need something running with MOT.
I suppose that I will have to take my place in the queue looking for this spec but any help or advice gratefully accepted
Marc Gander


You are looking for a BJ8. They were built from 1964 thru 1967. Nice burlwood dash and center console, more powerful motor. I suggest you join the Austin Healey club, the people in the club will be glad to offer advice and help find a car.I do not have a contact for the club there, but Steve Norton at Cape Int'l in Coventry may be able to help. Phone 01676 542292.Cape Int'l is one of the leading suppliers for Healey parts, and even newly built cars.

Pete Haburt/ 61 3000 BT7
Pete Haburt

Hi Marc
alternatively you could go for the BJ7. Same as the BJ8 apart from the dash layout. Whereas the BJ8 has the wooden dash, the BJ7 has the older more traditional style (better looking in my opinion). If you are still looking then Rugby Classic Motor Garages have a BJ7 up for sale. 1963, O/D, w/wheels, 3 carb modified engine and twin stainless exhaust.I think its blue over white. At 13,950 it's not going to be concours but if you want to get into Healeys it may be a good starter. Give them a ring on 01788 571896.
Happy hunting
Steve Henson-webb
steve henson-webb

Marc, Funny you should ask...
2 simply gorgeous California cars on eBay right now.
1956 100 Le Mans #1872662191 and
1967 BJ8-3000 #1872963937
Both cars from the same seller. He also has an Elva Courier with MG mechanicals. I love California!
Marc - Los Angeles
Marc Judson

This thread was discussed between 31/05/2002 and 20/11/2002

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