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Austin-Healey 3000 - malfunction of overdrive

I have just bought a BT7 Mk1. Just after, the overdrive failed to come in. Following the workshop manual i proceeded to eliminate all of the causes of the fault. Then noticed that although the solonoid was operating it was'nt pulling in with that 'thwack' you normally get. I then had the solonoid apart, cleaned the points, put it back together, and hey-presto, it works. 200/300 miles later the same thing happened, so of came the tunnel, out came the solonoid, cleaned the works. Guess what, it's happened again. It's ALWAYS the slonoid points. Anybody know why ?. Have i got a dodgy solonoid, is something else on its way out.
ANY help appreciated. I don't want to have to take the tunnel out everytime i use the car on a long run.

steve henson-webb

I also have a MK1 3000, and have not experienced that problem (yet).Mine sort of eases into overdrive, not as snappy as my MGB unit. Everything else with points has given my trouble, fuel pump(replaced with Burlen electronic), and voltage control unit. I am going to a large British car show Sat & Sunday, I'll ask some others in the Healey club.

Pete Haburt
Pete Haburt

I haven't forgotton about you. I did not see the guys I wanted to talk with. I'll followup when I get ahold of one of them.

Pete H
Pete Haburt

you have to adjust the lever the solonoid is pulling up

The A type overdrive has a double coiled solenoid. The lever to which it connects must be adjusted such that the big coil pulls the lever then the small coil takes over holding the lever. Adjustment is confirmed by use of a digital ampmeter. Inital draw of maybe 2 amps or more then a second later a draw of 1 amp or less. Cheers, Bill
w.g cook

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