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Austin-Healey 3000 - Mark I BT7 values

I'm looking at a 1960 BT7 Mk1 in the area that is for sale by a private owner who has had car for about 10 years, and has had the body refurbished with new floorboards, etc. Car seems sound and the $15k seems fair. Is it? It really needs nothing but hasn't had much attention in the past couple of years. Runs very well and looks about average for a repainted car, not done to concours standards. It is green with a biscuit interior which I do not believe was an original color combination. It would be a nice change from the TD I now drive. (maybe)Are these vehicles holding their value and does $15k look too high to you educated big healey owners out there.?Thanks
Richard Olson

If the car is sound & straight, all the mechanicals are in good running & safe condition, then 15K is a fair price.It never hurts to make an offer of something less, to gauge his reaction. I have my 61 3000 Mk1 BT7 insured for 22k, and yes, they are increasing in value ever slowly. I would probably ask 25K if I were ever to consider selling.(It's a nice one, not concours, but has taken 1st in popularity votes at national meet)
The key is to buy a car you do not have to sink a bunch of $ on major component rebuilding. Pay particular attention to motor & transmission, especially the overdrive if equipped.Make sure all electrical items function. The trafficator(turn signal unit), and the relay for the turn signals, located on driver's side inner wheel arch, can be expensive to repair/replace. Ask how old brake hydraulic hoses/seals are.
You are correct, biscuit interior was not available as original, however there is one running around where I work, and it looks nice together. British racing green was not available from factory for that year either. Available were Pacific green (kind of aqua) and Florida green, which I cannot remember or find a reference to at the moment. British racing green became available as a factory choice with the BJ7 about 1963. I suggest joining the Austin Healy Club of America, headquartered in Chicago. There is an active local chapter there. Good bunch of people. One guy from Tampa area is a concours judge.
Feel free to email me on thread or direct with any questions. I did a total ground up restoration on mine, and have done extensive research, so can help with most details.
Good Luck.
Pete Haburt
Pete Haburt

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