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Austin-Healey 3000 - Overdrive on big Healeys

I am not making much headway on acquiring a Healey - mainly to my own schedule. However, what I don't know is whether O/D is standard on big Healeys or whether it was an extra. From my own expereince with overdrive MGBs, I wold defintely want a car with overdrive.

It appears all Healey 100's had OD, but 100-6 and later became optional. A different gear ratio for rear axle was used in non OD applications. I have not seen many without OD here.
I would agree with you, OD is nice for the highway. My 61 3000 Mk1 turns about 3200RPM at 70MPH with OD engaged.My MGB turns just a little more, maybe 3300RPM. Some folks here have fitted the 5 speed Toyota Supra transmission. This turns about 2600RPM at 70MPH in a Healey.If I want a 5 speed, I'll drive my Celica.
Pete Haburt

This thread was discussed between 10/10/2002 and 11/10/2002

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