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Austin-Healey 3000 - Silence?

Not use to such silence. The TR6 thread room is always active. I guess different cars different ppl.

not sure I'd call 3 posts a day 'active', you should try the MG bbs's especially the Midget and Sprite BBS
Will Munns

How right you are Will, I don't think there is a more active one than the Midget and Sprite General...!
However, I may be posting on here a little more from time to time as I may be starting again on my BN7 soon. I'm just on my way this morning to see my 'New' chassis at 'The Northern Healey Centre'. Yep, I'm excited!!!!

Mark Boldry

This thread was discussed between 31/07/2006 and 16/09/2006

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