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Austin-Healey Sprite - Austin Healey Sprite Mk2 1964 - Brakes keep sticki

Austin Healey Sprite Mk2 1964 - brakes keep sticking.

Hi, I've slowly been restoring my sprite and have a problem with the brake system, can

anyone help please?

Initially the I found the brake lights were constantly on, therefore I changed the in

circuit brake switch, this appeared to fix the fault.

Then however I realised if I pumped the brake pedal the brake lights came on again and

stayed on. I jacked up the car and found all four wheels had their brakes on, as I had only

just replaced the seals in the front callipers and the rear wheel cylinders I decided it

must be the master cylinder.

I used an overhaul kit to renew all the seals etc in the master cylinder. All seemed fine until I went for a test drive, after a mile the wheels locked up again, if I released the pressure at one of the unions this worked again for a bit. On searching the internet I found advice on the push rod adjustment, but this hasn't fixed the problem, there is plenty of movement for the piston.

I'm thinking the next thing to try is a new master cylinder, but a friend advised it could still be a faulty brake switch, but I can't understand how this could lock the brake pressure.

Any advise would be gratefully received, I'm missing all the nice weather in the UK, and we don't get too much of this!
GA Lewry

You may have maladjusted the master cylinder push rod during your overhaul, if it is set too long then it doesn't allow the pressure to release from the master cylinder. Try backing the adjustment off in increments until the brakes release after operation.
Graham P

Thanks Graham,

No luck with the adjustment, after 1/2 a mile the brakes still lock, even if I try to readjust again. I'm going to try some new brake hoses as a number of people have said these can get old and colapse internally.
GA Lewry

Obviously something is holding the pressure in the system if your brake light stayed on so the hoses seems to be the next obvious step.
Good luck
Graham P

It might be a good idea to take your query over to the Midget & Sprite technical board, you might get more response,
Graham P

Thanks Graham, do you have a link to the Midget & Sprite technical board I can't find it for looking.

I've changed the flexi hoses and now the rear wheels have stopped locking up, so I'm now moving onto the front callipers tomorrow, fingers crossed.


GA Lewry

Hi Graham (that seems really weird!!! Don't know many other Grahams), the easiest way is go to the home page that you have bookmarked (you have, haven't you :) ?)
At the centre top there is a drop down which when you first go in will say A.Healey, click on that and then click on MG. The page will probably change colour and then click on the BBS link on the LHS. This will give you a long list of MG related BBS, the one you want is about 12 down.

If you haven't bookmarked the personalised home page then go to the top of this page and press "Go" alongside where it says Home Page in a drop down. This will take you to a further page with a list of cars, click on MG and that will take you to the long list of BBS again.
Graham P

Just thought I'd update this thread with what was acutally wron in the end. Two things, the first was a collapsed rear flexible hose and the second was the master cylinder. The avice above to look for the fountain of fluid when you release the pedal showed there was an issue with the master cylinder not releasing. Even after a service kit was fitted the issue was still there, however a new unit fixed the problem.
GA Lewry

This thread was discussed between 31/07/2008 and 21/02/2009

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