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Austin-Healey Sprite - clutch

I am an MG man personally but my friend has a couple of sprites and bugeyes that he has just started working on.
I drove the Sprite and the clutch is very hard and just about moves, it feels like a brake, but you can change gear and no grinding, he said the bugeye he has running is also hard.
I told him this can't be right.
Can anyone offer advise.
B and C Dave
dj white

Help, please.
dj white

Doesn't sound right to me.
Better to ask this question on the Midget and Sprite Bulletin board as that's were we tend to hang out.
Sorry not to be of any more help

Gary L
Gary L

Done Gary.
dj white

1. Check the holes at each end of the rod between the slave cylinder and clutch release lever.
2. Ditto at the master cylinder.
3. All holes should be round not oval.
4.Suggest pressure bleeding the system.
If all this fails change hydraulic seals in master and slave cylinder, then pressure bleed again.

Hope all this helps

Patrick Collier
p collier

This thread was discussed between 01/03/2005 and 05/04/2005

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