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Austin-Healey Sprite - Converting a 1275 to Unleaded

Has anyone out there been through the trials of this sort of thing?

I'm considering doing this due to the scarcity of availability and the massively escalating price of this rare wonderful substance...

I'm hoping that someone out there is going to be able to give me some pointers that may help me decide if I'm going to be able to tackle this on my own - yes I have done this sort of thing before, but some 30 years or so ago...
Nick Whelan

Hi Nick, how is Clementine? Have you tried the Midget and Sprite Technical Threads archive in the MG section?

I had harden value seat fitted to the head while engine was down for a rebuild,any good engine machine shop should be able to do at reasonable cost,I think mine cost about $200.from memory.You only need to do the exhaust valves.
Noel Copping

I cant help you I'm afraid, but why not post on the midget & sprite technical area - that is very active and I am sure you will get plenty feedback

This thread was discussed between 25/10/2008 and 04/02/2009

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