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Austin-Healey Sprite - Correct Engine Color


I'm fairly new and thought that somebody can give me an accyrate answer to a query which, until now has only generated the vaguest of information.

What is the correct engine color for a Mrk IV Sprite and where may I obtain some?

I'm by no means doing a Concourse restoration on my auto, but I am removing and rebuilding the engine and gearbox and would like to have this detail correct.

A company in the US: POR-15 lists a high temp engine enamel as Austin Healey Green but it looks REALLY Dark - Most photos of restored Big Healeys and Sprites show th paint to be a light green metallic to Olive frab green color.

Moss lists a product as Olive green in their Sprite/Midget Catalog

I'm thouroughly confused!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Bob Marsh
Kernersville, USA
Robert P Marsh

I could be wrong but I believe all Healeys stayed green until the end, the switch to black motors took place in the 1970's on the Midgets and Bs and other 1970's cars.

The 1969 Austin Healey in the shop has green engine paint on it and the owner wanted to keep prices down so we repainted with Moss Motors spray can green- a little darker then original and dare i say that the original had an effect of being transparent (almost metalic)..

However, I have noted on al the motors that have passed through my hands that some, such as the Austin America motors have had that same "Moss" green whilst others had various shades of the transparent (almost metalic) lighter green.

BTW: Big Healey green is different, but a very pretty colour. :-)

BMC Brian McCullough

I was shopping for engine paint a couple of months ago, and was told that the POR-15 is not the right shade. I bought a quart of the correct color from Healey Surgeons for $25. Hirsh Auto also has an engine paint that many of the restorers are using.

Patton Dickson

Forget the above post, use the Moss paint for a Sprite, get it for a good price using
Patton Dickson

Frost do restorer equiptment and you can get the correct green (MOWOG Green) from them in a spray can mail order.
P Worthington

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