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Austin-Healey Sprite - 'Hidden' VIN Location '67 Sprite?

Hello All,
New to this site - just purchased (I believe) a '67 Sprite -- engine removed - VIN plate missing. Does anyone know of a "hidden" or secret alternate location for the VIN #?

Thanks in advance,
Springfield, OR
LM Allocco

The only VIN plate should be on chassis member inside left gaurd under the bonet (hood). There may be a body number inside left hand A post,however this is just a manufacture number,and will not line up with VIN number.
Noel Copping

I'm not 100% certain but if you get in touch with BMHC
They may be able to cross reference it by body number.
G Lazarus

This thread was discussed between 29/05/2008 and 01/06/2008

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