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Austin-Healey Sprite - Parts Identification....!!!

Guys and Gals,
Please help!!!I am in the process of trying to rebuild a 1960 Austin Healey Sprite,called the Bugeye over here,but known to me(being a Brit!!)as the Frogeye.A friend of mine has asked me to assist him with his project...and has then been given a job assignment outside the US so its down to me to carry on!!I have a parts box full of bits that I dont know on which car they belong,or if indeed they can be fitted.I will have a steady stream of questions over the coming weeks,but some insight on these parts listed below will give me a kickstart....and SOME sort if direction.
here goes
carbs that are fitted do not have any small tabs with numbers on them.Cant seem to find any numbers on the side of the carbs themselves,but the float bowl units have the following,AUC 8402-1 and 8403-2??
I have three intake manifolds,one is for a single carb,2A 718 and also has an attachment to an exhaust flange??
Two other intakes,12 G242 and 12 G1451,which has hose attachments and looks like the tract is longer,poss water cooled??Can this be fitted??Do these produce more torque due to being longer??Will they fit under the hood/bonnet of the Sprite??
Also amongst the bits two carbs,one single and the other twins.Single carb has the tag number of AUC 944,but also has a large air filter holder with COOPER S sticker on it.Other (twin) carb has tab number AUD 69L.Numbers stamped on the side are 1342 and 1341.Float bowl on this one is marked 1310.
Phew,sorry about the long(and first) post but just trying to make headway to start with.
ANY help/advice will be MUCH appreciated.
In hopeful anticipation...
DR Robinson


Even though I own a Frogeye, I can't help you much because mine is no where near original. But if you go to the Midget and Sprite Technical section on the main board, I'm sure there will be many volunteers that can help you.

Where in Washington are you? I'm in Marysville.

M.E. Dabrowski

Danny you might want to check out these sites and

loads of help there and welcome from another brit


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