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Austin-Healey Sprite - SU Carb float chambers

Hi all,

Had a problem with fuel Peeing out of the intercarb pipe from the front float chamber going all over the exhaust and have done quite a bit of parts renewal due to it...

There's a couple of things that are bugging me: -

1. The float chambers are really quite loose - rotate a good few degrees - on the carb body's. Should I be concerned about this and try to tighten them up, and if so how ?

2. Talking of how I tighten them, how would I remove them to clean the crud out of the bottom of them ?
There is no real need for this at the moment as I spent several hours using a small flat blade screwdriver digging all the crud out...! It's just that I'd much rather there was a quicker and easier way than this if anyone knows of one ?

Another thing, the pipe that you can order from Moss GGT106 is 14" long - or should be mine came at 13.75" so was short anyway - but the one that's fitted is 15.25" and even then is too short...!?

Another thing, the new floats - changed them as the pivot pins and floats were nearly worn through - were standing something like 0.25 from the chamber top, instructions say it should be half that, there was no shim washer fitted to the needle seat, so I pared some of the float off with a sharp knife so that it was nearer... part quality or what ?

Several other things not right when they arrived, bonnet rubbers part way down are too tall and force the hinges up so there would be a gap under the bonnet at that end...

Am I getting the wrong items ?

Engine 12CE-DA-H15885 - chassis AAN10 87008 G


Nick off to bed !
Nick Whelan

This thread was discussed on 12/08/2008

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