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Austin-Healey Sprite - Tricks to removing Brake Light Hydraulic Switch?

Hi - I need to replace the brake light hydraulic switch on my Mk1 Sprite - I have a new switch and am keen not to drain the whole braking system first. Any tips or tricks - I guess I could cover all exposed parts nearby in engine compartment and attempt to whip old one off and put new one in hoping to minimise brake fluid loss in process but this seems a bit chaotic an approach. Is this what everyone else does and then bleed the system afterwards?

Thanks in advance, Mark
m patrick

Not experienced enough to do more than guess but I would recommend you post under the Midget & Sprite Technical section of the MG part of this site- it is very active and I am sure you will get lots of help
Good luck

Just put a rag under it ,screw one out and replacement in,you should not loose much fluid,but you will need to bleed brakes to remove any air that may get in
Noel Copping

Take of the filler cap, cover the hole with cling film and replace the cap. Air pressure will then be on your side and hold the fluid in the reservoir. (Put a piece of cloth around the juction and have some water handy, just in case!)

Remove the switch and replace it with the new one, you might not even have to bleed the brakes if you are lucky.

Don't forget to remove the cling film!!!
Graham Prosser

This thread was discussed between 22/05/2008 and 22/06/2008

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