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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - `69 midget radio consul

I want to fit a radio in my midget but am finding the cost of the "official"item prohibitive.Anybody got any suggestions or ideas?

We talked about this about a week ago...

Not sure what to say....its out of control

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

If you want a retro fitting the centre console one can be had in GRP (as a shell to finish) for 20. Then of course you need a radio which are all expensive as retro and you are unlikely to pick up a working second user one.

A lot of us just don't bother. I am going down the smartphone and induction speaker route.

It seems that if you want old retro for these cars now you either have to pay for it or get lucky on the second user market.

For those who may have old equipment that may be fixed a mate of mine has found that Music roadies need their old kit fixing lots and apparently there is a bit of a network of guys around the country that will fix old electronics and transistorised kit linked to the music / theatre trade. He lives in Leicester and his 70's turntable has been fixed by a guy in the middle of town somewhere. Not cheap and a big queue but it was his from a lad so he wants it working.

Anyway trying to be as helpful as I can maybe someone else can add.
Dave Squire 1500

Hers my humble attempt, smaller than the original (more leg room) uses a snub nose radio so you don't bang your hand against it when changing gears. Aluminium, pop rivets and vinyl covered. Cheers Rod

R W Bowers

Wow very nice RW, like it.
Copied the photo if you dont mind, thinking of doing a custom dash+console and yours is rufly what I had in mind, thanks!
A de Best

Your welcome Arie, best to make a cardboard mock up first then trace this design onto the ally sheet. Cheers Rod
R W Bowers


Did you happen to keep any measurements etc?
R Williams

Looks great what make is the radio i have been looking for a short radio.
mark 1500 nearly on the road

Hi guys sorry no measurements I tend to do these things by the cardboard template method. the radio is a really cheap snubnose from the local cheap auto parts store 20 quid see photo of removal control panel model no is "AM1100" it has various inputs via plug in media which are on the body of the radio(yes it is an FM radio as well doesn't do digital though) HTH cheers all

R W Bowers

Found this stereo Pioneer MVH-X560BT it is only 4inch deep has anyone ever cut one into the dashboard betwwen heater and choke under dials looks like it may fit.
mark 1500 nearly on the road

Hello im new, (holland)

I just bought a CALIBER RCD110 for 85. I realy love it!

A.P Lopez

Gday A P welcome to the insanity. That is a cool wireless set
R W Bowers

Thanks Bowers! I'm not insain yet.I'm only thinking 23 hours a day about tinkering. For the remaining time a have a fulfilling life
A.P Lopez

My effort, aluminium front, detachable ply-wood sides, covered with vinyl.
Radio is a Lenoco which is only about 12cm deep, from the Kijkshop in Holland.

S Holt

I am making a radio console and i am after a time clock to fit in it if anyone wants to sell one.
mark 1500 nearly on the road

Here is what red LEDs look like at night


Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Here is my radio consul

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Prop that's a great dashboard but there isn't a lot of room for a radio
I counted 14 gauges, we should have a competition to see who can guess all of them.
Dave Pratt


I use my smartphone plugged into a mini amp thats plugged into a regular amp that then goes to 2 - 6x9 power hungry speakers

That was my winter project from 3 years has 10 guages, hazard flashers switch, cig lighter, radio amp switch, and smartphone hook up and eventually a bunch of other accessory toggle switches

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Mark 1500....

Been there done didnt work out to well

The problem with a clock that runs full time isbit eats car batteries like you cant imagine.... a clock can eat a car battery in about 2 days

That said, id look into some of these mico clocks or a large dia face wrist watchs advertized on qvc and modify it....they run on there own no drain and change out the battrey once every 2 years

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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