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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1 3/4 SU needed

Hey it's Mallorcaben

Need to buy an old 1 3/4 SU
I want to replace my Weber 45 for a while.
Will send the Weber off to get set up properly as no one here seems to be able to set it up!

So, anyone got one they want to sell me (Paypal)
or any links to something cheap.
Need a manifold to fit a 1275 midget too.

I live in Mallorca, Spain, but have a UK address. May even be able to get someone to collect.
PLEASE help!


I can offer you a complete flowed set of hs2's
and i have an old hiff 44 around but no manifold.
Onno Könemann

You'll need a non waxstat LH bowl HS6 like this one. And an MG Metro inlet to go with it.
F Pollock

Anyone who claims they can set up your 45 DCOE for you if you send it them will be lying. The carb needs to be set up on the engine. In your case I still think the filter case and short ram pipes, if there are even ram pipes fitted are the nub of the problem.

I bet I can calibrate your DCOE the same as the one on my car, fit it to my car, and have it running like a dream but all this would prove is that your DCOE is in good order.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

I have a manifold to suit the 1 3/4"

email me

thanks guys.

The situation is this:
Im 90% certain that my problem is my Webber. Im not going to go into details, just look in the archives under mallorcaben or mallorca midget.

I want to use the SU initially to rule out the Weber. I may leave the SU on depending on how it runs.
My car is a race spec 1430.

by the way, what is a "non waxstat LH bowl HS6"?
Can I not fit any 1 3/4 SU onto my car?

I see a bunch on ebay, what am I looking for?
thanks in advance.

This thread was discussed on 13/02/2011

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