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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1/4 window glass seal - is it moulded?

I'm replacing the seal around the 1/4 window glass and what I have is just a straight length and so it doesn't bend around the corner very well. Do I need to just make it work or is there a seal available that is formed to the shape of the glass?

Greg H


From your pic it apears tou have a 'u' section rubber strip - that is incorrect.

It should be just a flat srip of rubber about 2 mm thick (will have to check in workshop if i still have any) - It is just wrapped around the glass and pressed into the channel - excess being cut off when fitted. Use as little rubber lube as possible else it will come out to easily !

richard boobier

You have the correct one for the 1/4 light.
Yes it does go around corners pourly and is a fiddle to get right.
-Fit the rubber in the frame.
-use a brush with with white spirit and ally on the rubber
-push in the glass making sure not to push the rubber in the chanel
-then cut off the excess

Do not use lube as then the window will pop out

Richard discribes the strip for the normal window witch is indeed a flat strip
Onno Könemann

x2 what Richard said,

in my experience, the packing around the 1/4 glass is not an extruded seal like shown in your photo, but is instead a strip of non-vulcanized rubber which is very easy to "mold" around the shape and press into the frame

a bit of heat helps

after pressing everything home, then you trim off the excess material with a sharp razor blade

Brown and Gammons sells the proper material.

Norm Kerr

Well it is clear we do not agree.
And I have disassembled original 1/4 lights showing the moulded rubber.
Might there be a difference between the chrome and stainless ones....
Onno Könemann


Never seen a moulded seal for quarter light glass to frame on midgets or B's - fitted lots over the years - certainly not as factory fitted ones that I've taken apart - need to put the seal around glass as Norman notes and press in.


richard boobier

I agree the seal is a flat piece of rubber i lust dipped it in petrol and it slips in easy and when dry just trim off the excess
mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs


Never thought of using petrol, will try it next time.

richard boobier

I had a go but wasn't going to be too succesful even with the edges trimmed. The problem was more the front corner where the metal corner cover goes over it. So I've ordered the flat bit of rubber.
Greg H

Its the same as the one I got. accident with wheelybin and overtaking mirror.

It did take afew attempts and some lubrication but eventually got it in. Just noticed a comment about using lube the window could fall out. Ours as of yet hasnt it is a tight fit so just up to you what you think is best.
D Sartain

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