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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 10 inch vented 4-pots, anyone?

Not mine. Should be in production soon.
r thomas

Looks nice.

Pity about the state of what its attached to!

Whats up with the wheel lug nuts... Thats very strange

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Prop, Those are referred to as "tuner" nuts.
Trevor Jessie

Tuner nuts ???

Thats just nuts in my opinion... What do they do over orginal nuts
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

14" wheels needed and not cheap I expect
Onno K

Wouldnt mgb rostier wheels work... There 14 inch i think
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Nope - wrong PCD

Can get alloy ones in the right one, about the same as alloy ones for 13" - just a pain though :)

Would be interested in knowing the price though ....

IIRC, they fit inside the 13 inch Minilights he sells and the cost of the previous version was in the region of 480. Not sure how the final version will play out but I don't think any of his other kits have been more than 600. There ought to be a solid disc version in there too but I didn't ask.

Other stuff he does.
r thomas

Been there done that. ;)

My set up uses a midget hub and wheel studs - sorry about the dodgy phone pic...

James B

2.8i Capri discs with a spacer in between the disc and hub - Wilwood Dynalite calipers with a fabricated alloy mounting bracket


James B

Under the bonnet - 1380cc with a 45DCOE... :)

Need to change the Midget rad to a nice light aluminium one...

James B

The Frogeye wheels seem to have the most clearance problems if they have rivetted rims. These 10.25 inch discs fitted inside Frog rims but the ali hub bearing fit was slightly iffy, especially after they were borrowed by someone and returned stripped and mangled. The pads were not much bigger than standard, either.

Bl00dy light weight set of kit, though!

That Lenham has Riley rear brakes on it along with a full set of Frontline suspension kit from about 10 years ago. Just needs some more ooomph and maybe a bigger door to get into it. Mind you, Jono does make Zetec and Sigma engine conversions for Midgets.

James B. Any idea what those calipers cost these days?
r thomas

Rally Design don't do that caliper anymore - but this one will work I am sure...

James B

James... I see your racecraft is still as good as ever. Playing mind games with me already and we haven't even started out on the circuits together yet.

Looks like I will have to sort out new brakes for this year now doesn't it :-)

Andrew McGee


As ever, the nut behind the wheel is the most important component... I have no idea how competitive or otherwise I will be in E - I've not raced with list 1b Tyres before. I'd wait until after Brands at least... :)

James B

Wilwood certainly do stop you - fast! Perhaps one day I'll get used to it .....

James, that link doesn't work, think you were logged in at the time.
Can you recommend a good pair of Wilwood calipers for my 9" solid discs?



Have a look at the forged powerlite calipers on the Rally Design website - they do a solid disc caliper as well as a vented disc one...

James B

Evening all !. Just noticed that Rob has made reference to our new disc kit. Thankyou for your comments.
To give you some background we specialise in Morris Minors, especially the modification market. We developed the K series kit to fit the Minor and also the Zetec. We are currently working on the Sigma engines in VVC form and soon the Ecoboost versions once the ECU programing has been developed.
We currently have a couple of disc kits for the Minor, but we have now decided to use these as a basis to move into the MG market as many parts cross over.
We will soon be developing suspension and handling kits, to be 'rolled out' over the next few years as funds and development time allow.
The kit Rob has highlighted uses our own hubs and bearing set up along with RS Turbo discs. Calipers are HiSpec at present. Upgrades to this kit will be offered along with a solid disc version.
We have yet to formulate a costing on these kits but the one featured here should be around the 500 mark plus VAT.
The 'unusual' studs in the photo are simply a nut spacer and a tube nut with internal drive.
I'm happy to answer any questions. First answer to some who have asked is that a std 13" rim fits over this kit and does not change the offset of the wheel.

gotta a website guv?
Nigel Atkins

Sure do bud !!

Are there no smilies on this forum ?

A few pics of our cars. Ahh I see that no images appear on screen and multiples do not work, or am I doing something wrong ?


thanks for web address, not sure why it's not a live hyperlink - perhaps you're using something other than a hand cranked PC

like the cars this web site's a bit more basic

so no smilies other that those you construct yourself :)

your photo appears on my monitor

you may have to downsize your images but the site will tell this if the image is too large

only one photo per post though

you'll do well in this market if you can offer good products, prices and service as some of the current providers don't always - one I can think of goes for poor work, overpriced and lieing and conning - as I (and others) know from personal experience :(
Nigel Atkins

J L,
I think your Location is out of date unless you have a very long commute
Nigel Atkins

Well I know for sure his office is in Napton still, as I've been in to say hi and he sold me the flywheel and AP clutch pressure plate I was going to use for my Konversion. Good bloke who knows his stuff.

As for large brakes, I'll be using 10 3/4" MGB discs for my car, although I've not made the adaptors to fit them to the mini hubs yet I do know they fit inside my 14" alloys with Wilwood callipers with a ~5mm clearance. Although this pic shows my build wheels, the alloys are the same size.

S Overy

Not interested in the brakes but the hubs however!

Could not find them as a seperate item in your shop.
Do they fit the std midget stub axle and brake setup?
What kind of bearings are used?

My hubs are worn and the bearing issue has been discussed a lot so it might be interesting to market these as a seperate item since the hubs are NLA
Onno K


Any particular reason why you are using Mini/Metro stub axles?

James Bilsland

Onno, The hubs are not listed as seperate items as we only sell complete kits. Here is a pic of one fitted to a Minor conversion.
They fit the Minor and Midget stub axle using KOYO tapered bearings. We can produce these in 4" pcd, 108mm (Ford) or 3.75 Ital pcd.They will not accept std Midget calipers or discs at present, however We could produce an OE copy if required ,for the Midget.


I'll mail you off board with further inquirys
Onno K

I meant J L's BBS location, I know Napton-on-the-Hill as there's a pub there, not that I've been in it for a very long time
Nigel Atkins

Any plans for a wire wheel version? Does it work fine with the standard master cylinder or would it really be better with a larger bore master?
Andrew F

We are new to the MG market so will be building up our product range slowly. We might be able to produce a wire wheel version, but I'll need to research this aspect further.
Regarding the original M/C suitability , yes it will be more than adequate, no need for an increased bore.

I've often trawled round your site, wondering if I can make the minor stuff fit the midget...

looks good :)
Rob Armstrong

Completly unrelated, but does the Minor zetec conversion use a long or short shaft gearbox?
BH Harvey

We went for the std box as it already puts the gear stick several inches further back. We will develop a remote shift eventually, but the Sigma motor is a better choice as it can be mounted further forwards without upsetting the balance. It only weighs 80 kilos.
Looking at the Midget hub today and see no reason why we cannot remanufacture it as the internal bores for the taper rollers will stay the same. We just need to move the disc mounting face outboard by around 8mm and give the mounting flange a slightly greater OD.
Are these hubs no longer available new ??

Very nice looking brake kit. Will the Midget version be posted on the website once it's commercial?
Curious if you have considered producing a Zetec swap 'kit' for Spridgets? The Zetec is plentiful on this side of the pond, unlike the K-series so popular there.
Impressive work you guys are doing.
D Rock

Sure, I'll post up pics and details.
Good you have the Zetec its a very good motor capable of cheap power. I have a 2.0L supercharged one in my track car.240bhp ,200ftlbs torque runs a Cosworth T5 box and full Capri axle with a 4.6 ratio Gripper LSD. Front brakes are Cosworth discs on our hubs and AP Racing 4 pots. Car is geared for 0-60 in 4.4 secs and 135-140mph.
Quite good fun !!



That particular car has had official approval from the next TOP GEAR presenter. (see pic)

On that particular track day there was no other car around that could catch the grey Morris, except maybe the red Morris which was also a JLH customer, but that driver was an inch away from being a certified nutter.

r thomas

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