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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 emissions 'de-tox'

my big project this weekend was to remove the emissions controls from my midget (1973, 1275), since their value and function is somewhat questionable at best, and I am lucky enough to live in a state that doesn't test emissions on vehicles older than 25 years. I followed the instructions in Lindsay Porter's book, which refers to this as "de-toxing" the engine. I took many photos which you can see here: to document the process, maybe it will be helpful to others. And this way I have something to jog my memory if i should have to re-instate the system someday. i took a drive without the junk and found throttle response slightly improved. I only did a quick carb adjustment, i think i may still have the mixture a bit on the rich side. Next weekend I willdo a full tune of the carbs. Anyway, i hope someone finds this documentation useful!

Chris Edwards

updated link:
Chris Edwards

At least it will make the engine easier to work on. :)

C Bintcliffe

Too right, Carl. I had no idea there was so much space around the engine!
Chris Edwards

Looks better.

Be sure to readjust your mixture and read the plugs to see if you might need different carb needles.
Trevor Jessie

Tempting as that might be, I think our State Safety Inspections in Missouri may include a look to see if all the original emissions stuff is still in place, even though they don't actually check for emissions readings. Texas may be different in that regard.


Gryf Ketcherside

Texas vehicles over 25 years old are checked for "Safety Only" Brakes, lights, Horn, seatbelts.
Chris Edwards

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