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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 Engine Back Plate

I've removed the engine from a donor car which had a 5 speed toyota box.

I'm unsure if the engine backplate is specific to the toyota box, or the bell housing is the old FL one to match the standard midget engine back plate.

I've attached the picture of the backplate below. Anyone know if its the standard one?

Also, two bolts have seized on the clutch cover plate. Any suggestions for removing? Localised heat??
N Parr

And picture would help!!!

N Parr


This is a standard backplate...

Dave O'Neill2

Thanks - looks very similar though - offset starter motor hole etc.
N Parr

I have a similar setup - Mine is a Toyota T50 which uses the original Toyota bellhousing and a bespoke backplate. It is 12mm thick steel drilled for the block bolts and threaded for the bellhousing bolts.
I'm currently cloning it in aluminium as it is VERY heavy. I don't know where the backplate came from as it came as it came with the gearbox as a kit put together by another racer years ago. Photo below so you can compare it with yours.


Mark Lister


Are you still interested in a Safety Devices roll bar.

If so, can you let me know via email?

Colin Mee

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