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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 engine gearbox combo

I have a 1275 midget (1970) the gearbox was knackered. I have obtained a very good gearbox, but I suspect it is a 1098 Its ribbed,not smooth). Therefore:

1. Will it fit the 1275 engine?

2. What clutch should I use 1275 or 1098?

3. What difference it will make to the cars running?

4. Is there an easy way to ID the box?

Yours in anticipation.

M Hunt

hi I believe the 1275 box can be identified by the part number stamped on the input shaft 22g 299.

beware the 1098 box is from spridget they look identical to the 1098 minor box which has different internals and ratio's. The 1098 midget box will bolt straight on to the 1275 engine. If yours is a later car with a reversing light then you will need to use the extension from your original box which has the switch. Use the 1275 clutch

Bob Beaumont

clean it up and read the number on the input shaft.
Midget 1275 = 22G229 or 22G1117
1098 (and maybe v early 1275) with A type gears = 22G172.
Moggie Minor is 22G171 - you don't want that.
David Smith

This thread was discussed on 28/08/2012

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