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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 Gearbox

Hi Everyone

I've just realised that my current gearbox is a MM one (the number on the lay shaft gives it away) and was hoping to scour beulieu autojumble for one with the right ratio's. Before I do that, please drop me an email if you have a gearbox for a 1275 if you are happy to sell it to me, I'm happy to rebuild it if it is past it's best.

Robin Cohen

I should add that my current gearbox has finally started showing it's age (jumping out of gear) so I'd rather take the opportunity to fit one with the right ratio's if I can.
Robin Cohen

I've one on ebay at the mo, as you're local it would be a special deal, lower price etc. Text/call zero seven ninezerothree 899991

I have one for sale. It's in the classified section here. Jumps out of first but otherwise perfect so very repairable. I'm in fleet hampshire. 0777 nine nine seven three six zero six
Simon Wood


The primary/input shaft part number for a 1275 gearbox is 22G229, and is unique to it.

Some/all 1275's also have the facility for a reverse light switch in the remote housing I believe? Is it some or all?
Richard Wale

1098 and early 1275 boxes do not have the casting modified for the reversing light switch but the remotes are interchangeable.
Bob Beaumont

"but the remotes are interchangeable."

Indeed. It's not unheard of to find a remote with reverse light switch on a Morris Minor gearbox.
Dave O'Neill 2

If your 1275 is standard(ish) you might get away with the ribcase box that was fitted to the 1098 engine Sprites and midgets. It has exactly the same 'close' ratios, the same needle roller bearings on the mainshaft gear, but a different gear profile (?weaker).

The primary shaft part number is 22G172, which is unique to the 1098 gearbox.

The ratios are:

1st 3.200
2nd 1.916
3rd 1.357
4th 1.000
Rev 4.114

The Minor/A40 1098 box is very different - different ratios, bushes instead of needle roller bearings and altogether much weaker - primary shaft part number is 22G171.

Richard Wale

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