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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 Marina engine

I have the chance to buy a 1275 Marina engine,but will it fit my sprite mk1.thanks
mj Ellis

But it does need some work iirc.
Back plate is different due to the different box stuck to that.
And dissy mount is different so an other one is needed.
Carbs need to be at least HS2's with proper needles
Radiator should be fine
Onno Könemann

sure it will, although the flywheel on the marina engine is bigger than the midget 1275 one, so if you don't have a marina gearbox that goes with it, you will either have to machine you're crank to take the smaller midget flywheel or machine the midget flywheel to fit the crank.
Alexander Sorby Wigstrom

It does but why wouldn't you just buy a midget one as it's easier, and almost certainly, cheaper in the long run ....?

front plate needs swapping over too as the Spridget uses the plate for the mountings (Marina mounts are central off the block). Dizzy is the same fitting, it's the A+ Ital which had a different drive spindle.
David Smith

probably cost Rach! Midget engines are £300+ now for a decent one, whereas someone getting rid of a Marina engine might want £100 or less if they don't know what else it will fit.

Guess I've not taken much notice of prices recently then - wasn't there one on the classifieds on here not long ago for £200?

I withdraw my previous statement then!!! Go for the ital :)

MJ Ellis - i'll buy it off you if you find you dont use it ;)

I must have missed something here? the Marina engine is superior to the Midget variety and is surely in demand? isn't it? My 1400 engine uses a Marina crank! I would have used a Marina block had I had one.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

hmmm Bob's got a shedful of Marina blocks and is talking up the price ?
David Smith

Hi Bob,

Why do you say the 1300 Marina engine is superior to the 1275 Spridget? Certainly the con-rods are heavier and made of a lesser grade of steel to the Spridget rods.

I'll swap my spare marina engine with a 1275 Spridget engine for anyone interested....
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

The Marina engine is a thin flange block with average internals. Surely it's the Ital A+ engine that is the one to have. The block has a thicker flange and the external strengthening ribs. Also the crank and rods were much better having 1.750" big ends and rolled radii journals.

I bought a Marina block a few years ago and managed to get an A+ crank and rods to go with it. One day I might get round to building it up into a decent engine!

There are books with this information in by the way.
John Payne

"I've not taken much notice of prices recently"

Rach, your Scottisch!!!
Isnt there a death penalty in "your" country on wasting money when not observing prices? :)

I think you have been living with the English for to long...
Arie de Best

I have just got the Marina engine has no number on it only what look like casting numbers.It has a metal tag with 1275 stamped on it.The front mountings are on the front cover.with no screw holes in the block for any other mountings,are there any other way to identify it?.thanks mick
mj Ellis

Well the main thing is the cast in oil filter mounting which means the oil filter sticks up at about 45 degrees at the rear right side of the block. If it hasn't got that then it must be a Midget block.
John Payne

Just had a quick look the oil filter is at the front under the dynamo
mj Ellis

straight in to the block or with the alloy mounting?
Onno Könemann

sounds like 'jammy bu99er' to me, must be a Spridget lump
David Smith

>>>>>Guess I've not taken much notice of prices recently then - wasn't there one on the classifieds on here not long ago for £200?

I think you'll find it was mine and I would have been disappointed with £200

Bob's always been a Marina man, IIRC. I thought people preferred the Lower rotational weight of the Mifget or Cooper S to the strength of the Marina?
Max max-at-midgetmax-dot-com

The Marina and Ital blocks have thinner flanges than most Spridget blockes but are not not thin flange in the sense that a CC block is. This must be correct as I saw photos in a book of each type of block...
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

I have now found a number cast in the block 12G1279.any ideas what this means.thanks. mick
mj Ellis

Well I like the Marina crankshaft Max although not fussed either way about the block. :)
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Mick, that sounds like a normal Midget 1275 number.
Dave O'Neill 2

someone put up a link to A-serires engine numbers

I think it was this one -
Nigel Atkins

Lol obviously my lack of financial habits is causing much distress ... However from Max I am shocked since I paid so much money for my concours race car ....!!!!!

Sounds like a midget one so you'll just have to keep looking ;). Good luck with your car - hope to see you at Midget50 since it's just up the road ...!

Nigel, it's not an engine number, but a casting number.
Normally cast into the lefthand rear of the block.
Dave O'Neill 2

>>Nigel, it's not an engine number, but a casting number.<<


these reading glasses can't read very well and my keyboard can't type or spell very well they're not aids at all !

or is it me? shirley not, moi?
Nigel Atkins

I think it's Shirley!
Dave O'Neill 2

Does anybody know if you can use a Maestro 1300 A+ engine in a 1275 midget? I have such an engine that has covered just 37000 miles from new. I know the Maestro is FWD but it does have a bell housing and seperate gearbox.
M Cox


You can use a Maestro block to build a Spridget engine - but its a relatively complicated and expensive exercise. You can't use the Maestro crank or flywheel, replacing the crank with a Midget or Marina/Ital crank will require replacement of the rear main bearing cap with an inline Midget/Marina cap so that you can run a rear main oil seal. Replacing the rear main cap will in most cases require line boring of the block.

I say it can be done, because that is exactly what I have in my race car, but its probably easier to source a Midget or Marina/Ital engine than to use a Maestro engine



James B

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