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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 Midget Front Springs

Hi Guys

Hope someone can help , I have just gone to start fitting up the front suspension on the midget (1275 shell) and when i try to fit the front sprint in between wishbone seat and body i cant get it in even with the wishbone pushed right back against the chassis leg.

When i did the sebring i used lowered springs so was easier but when i did my standard midget before i don't remember it being as hard as this to get it and im wondering if i ordered the 1500 midget springs by mistake which i think are longer

The free length of the springs is 10" , does anyone know or can check what the length for 1275 should be

Andy Sebring

I just measured a very old rusty one at 9 1/2 ". Do they stay squashed with age or return to original length I wonder?
David Smith

The obvious solution is to unbolt the pan spring seat and feed the spring in from the bottom. Then stick a jack under it and compress until you can get the nuts started on the bolts. Or use the long bolt method to compress.

But the "trick" method - this is a serious suggestion - which often works is to fit the spring in as near as you can get it - and then kick it! Turning away from the car and donkey kicking works best!

Don't forget to fit the rubber bump stop in first!

If its still a shell then the 'long bolt' is the only way to go - the shell needs the engine/gearbox etc to resist the jack load to compress the spring.

I tend to use the long bolt method now and its not that much slower but much more controlable.


richard boobier

Hi all

Many thanks for your replies , David that is what i found online so i think 9 and half inches is correct and I have probably purchased the wrong springs !!

Ref fitting engine is in , thanks guys for suggestions , I was going to try with trolley jack as i have in past and has worked , biggest issue is making sure i have the right springs in first place and i am sure in hast i have bought the wrong ones.

Great memories of my first restoration in 1991 when i used the studding method to fit the springs , after 4 bits of broken studding and a cut face as the bit that flew off hit me i check ed the springs and found out that i had been given mgb ones !!

Looks like in my haste to get building it i ordered the wrong part , you live and learn lol

Andy Sebring

1 800 donkey kick!

I love it....I though I was the only one who did questionable cowboy mechanics like that!


When I built my Sebring I fitted the front end in order to get the tub on a trailer to bring it home. It was bare and I had no trouble fitting springs with the trolley jack method. I have just fitted new springs to the Frogeye. After all the time that has passed the old Frog springs seemed to have shrunk in length. I obtained both sets - Sebring & Frogeye, from David Manners at Oldbury just twelve years apart.
Alan Anstead

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