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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 Pre Ignition - Solved

Hi All

You may remember that I've been trying to stop my 1275 running on (carbs rebushed), mixture fiddled with, timing adjustment etc. My mate Ed (Frogeye, NSW posts on here) suggested ages ago that it might simply that I need to run super unleaded as the CR is fairly high (MG Metro pistons, head skimmed and a hot cam). I took his advise today....sorted!! I can almost hear the 'I told you so' from down under.

I don't really understand why it's cured it but assume that it's do with mild 'pinking' at tickover creating hot spots? Anyway, seems the old girl just has expensive taste..Super Unleaded from now on.

Robin Cohen

My old girl has expensive taste too. Also my sprite prefers the super unleaded too.
M Adams

My daily ride (not a midget just yet) goes better and further on V Power diesel. More detergeant as well as higher rated fuel. Economy gain is more than the extra paid and I gain the odd bit in acceleration. So not so expensive anyways maybe.
Dave Squire - Notts

thanks for letting us know you got it sorted

higher compression ratio needs higher octane and the standard cars were supposed to run on 97 octane

if you've not already done so try Tesco Momentum99 as you can guess it's 99 octane which may be more suited still to your engine

see this for octane, 'knocking' and higher octane fuels -
Nigel Atkins

It makes a really does

Something else ive noticed....the fuel super unleaded W/O the ethinol additive is definatly the way to go for our older cars...its hard to find but worth it...just alot more power gas milage and umph over super unleaded with the ethinol 10% additive

Prop and the Blackhole Midget


Only just noticed this so only one thing to say , told you so ;-)
That said it could have been that home made plug lead set you did .......... but thats another story !!!!!


Ed H

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