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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 radiator

Hi Guys
Does anyone know whether it is possible to remove a 1275 radiator and replace it without taking the radiator shroud out as well please.
There is no engine mounted fan on my car as a kenlow is fitted.
It may be that I am creating more work than I need to do but the shroud on my car is really awkward to re- install and if I can avoid doing that it would be great
M Teal

If you are referring to the early 1275 rad, then it comes out with cowl.

However the later 1275 rad can be removed without the cowl if it's modified (or if you bend and butcher the top of the cowl. But in your case, I doubt it has been, so it's shroud/cowl out together.

Once out, modify the later one to avoid the problem in the future. :).
Lawrence Slater

I'm sure people have done it - or at least tried it - due to the numbers of Spridgets with bent tops on their shrouds.

I'm not sure how easy it would be to remove the two bottom set screws.
Dave O'Neill 2

It is easier to remove with the shroud, unless the many attaching fasteners are rusted solid. Then it sucks no matter what.

As Dave pointed out, trying to do it without the shroud means bending the top (and putting a permanent crease in it).

Some have gone so far as to drill out the spot welds to remove the top of the shroud and then bolting it all back together again, presumably, these are people who remove their radiators frequently.


Norm Kerr

Hopefully not frequently norm, but if I ever have to again, I know it takes less than 10 mins, including draining the rad from my special drain tap. :).

Lawrence Slater

This thread was discussed on 20/07/2014

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