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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 Radiator crossover pipe changes

hi all, just a question for the parts know-it-alls:
I am replacing the lower cross over pipe on my 73 (1275) midget due to rust at the ends of the pipe, and I have gotten a lovely second hand one off e-bay. But the one i just purchased has a drain plug in the middle that the original does not. I'm not complaining because I think it is an improvement and it is placed where it won't interfere with anything. My question is, is this a factory fitted drain or was it modified at some point? are there other cars out there that had this drain from the factory? I'm really just curious. I've always hated taking off the rubber hose on one end to drain the coolant, wish i had had this drain plug for the last 12 years!

Chris Edwards

yes factory fitted; quite common, lots around. Don't know the change point where the drain plug was deleted as the factory parts book doesn't show it.
David Smith

As Dave says

The Original Sprite and Midget book would give you that info

I gave my copy away years ago to find now it's out of print and an arm and a leg to buy second hand

Before putting the pipe on the car I would thoroughly soak, overnight at least, the drain plug with a releasing fluid (better than WD-40 spec) and try carefully to see if it will remove, don't bend the pipe as if the plug doesn't come out your no worse off than before

I'd also throughly clean the inside of the pipe and perhaps even paint the outside of the pipe whilst it's easy to do
Nigel Atkins

Ooo yes I've seen these before and it never crossed my mind to get hold of one for the race car as that often requires the engine to be taken out and as we run water additives that are quite expensive it would make sense to have a drain that could have some form of pipe attached to it to collect said coolant and stop it from ending up down our drain..... not that we pollute the water courses of course!

Might have a word with my friendly plumber to see if he can adapt one of our "standard" ones.

Andrew McGee

Thanks all, if i had known there were drain-plugged pipes out there, i would have sourced one before! The plug is free and functional, and the pipe has been cleaned, sanded, primed, and painted. All ready to install.
Chris Edwards

I wish I had thought of that... great idea... I have a 71 midget so earlier then mine

if it still moves freely and functional after how many years? Im guessing you gots No rubber gaskets seals, or they are dry rooted and stiff...time for a rebuild.


Great! As if I don't have enough things to do and conversions and supplements to think of!
Alex G Matla

"if it still moves freely and functional after how many years? Im guessing you gots No rubber gaskets seals, or they are dry rooted and stiff...time for a rebuild."

I don't know how many years actually, i've owned the crossover pipe for 2 weeks now.

no gasket seals involved Prop. It's a threaded hole with a threaded plug, screw-in, screw-out. holds water without any kind of o-ring (although I might see if I can find a standard o ring that fits without consuming too much thread depth).

rebuild consisted of a wash, sanding off spots of surface rust, prime and paint. no wonder your engine rebuild is taking so long, you're a bit of a car hypocondriac! LOL, although that may mean your car ends up much nicer than mine. At least I am getting to drive in the mean time. :)

Chris Edwards

My car has that drain plug, and the location is not so great. It tend to make a mess. I find that a siphon hose works best for me.

Chris, no o-ring needed. IIRC it has tapered threads. Maybe some teflon thread tape.
Trevor Jessie

Actually, now that I think about it. I think it has a copper washer. I honestly have not used it for many years.
Trevor Jessie

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