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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 rear backplate and 1500 replacement

Hello, my '65 midget has a sheared and solid brake adjuster on the drivers side.

Tried lots of heat and molegrips but it won't shift.

Next idea is to pick up a 1500 axle and swap the back plates (1275 ones seem quite rare). Not too keen on removing bearings and don't have a hub puller, presume I'll have to get one and new rear brake shoes and slave cylinders (changing both sides) to do this?

Regards Rob
rp giles

have you tried welding a nut onto it? both the heat from the weld and possibly being able to unscrew it backwards out of the drum side
Rob Armstrong

Hmmm, intresting idea

Couple of thoughts ... The early cars had 1/4 eliptic suspension system and the later cars had radious systems

Depending on the year, the gearing is differant for a 1500, and if your car has a 948 or a 1098, it may struggle

And watch the wire wheels vs solid steel wheels as the axle width is not the same

And the rear brake linkage/lever system will be differant as well

But other then those draw was the play Mrs. Lincone

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

1275 backplates aren't really rare - I've put pairs on ebay and they've not sold before now. I can probably put a pair on tomorrow if you're interested? All in GWO of course.
David Smith

Not forgetting that 1275 and 1500 use a different diameter wheel cylinder, so the locating hole for the roll pin is in a different position.
Dave O'Neill2

Thanks for the pointers, going to get my local garage to weld a nut on, then i might try and track down a backplate if that doesn't work. Many thanks Rob
rp giles

rp these are on ebay but I don't know if they are 1500s

item no 200809487398
Item number: 230755784641
Pete Ottewell

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