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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 Reverse Light Switch location.

Help guys please.

Have a customer who has just purchased a very smart, recently restored G reg A/H Sprite.

Amongst things that don't work are the reverse lamps. Having replaced both bulbs and made good the poor connections through the rivets holding the bulb contacts we now have working lamps............................but!

Find there is no switched live on the green/brown wire, discover the reverse lamp wiring tie wrapped to a brake pipe at the rh inner wing.

Join wires, key to on, lights work.

Simple thinks me, they just need connecting to the switch.

Take off the gearlever gaitor, no switch to be seen?

Order the correct switch from Moss expecting it to be fairly obvious where it fits.

Looked at it again today and still can't work it out?

What I'm after is a pic of the exact location, the parts book isn't really clear.
It looks to fit on the left hand side of the extension housing, but where?

I'm starting to wonder if the gearbox has been replaced with one from an earlier model without provision for reverse lamps.

Any help, especially a pic showing it fitted would be very much appreciated.

Regards Steve.
SR Smith 1

Going by this which you've probably seen, it would be on the left of the remote housing, some way forward of the gearlever entry.

But......not all had the provision for the switch.

Check item 50 and there are some notes about which cars should and shouldn't have reverse switches, going by chassis numbers.

It's possible as you say that it has an early 'box, but I get the impression it was the remote housing that changed, not the rest of it. Your customer might get a late type remote housing from Andy Jennings or someone. Or he/she could use a rocker switch (preferably illuminated) on the dash if originality is not a big concern. That's what I'd do.

Sorry can't be anymore helpful. Mine's a 1500 so having a look would be futile.

Best of..


Thanks for the input Greybeard.

I have a 1500 as well, which is totally different of course.

I've suggested the dash mounted switch of course, but the owner really wants it working as it should.
SR Smith 1

There should be a hole in the front of the remote.

It is fairly obvious, if it's there, so it sounds like the 'box has been swapped for an earlier version, or even a Morris Minor!

Dave O'Neill 2

Found this on eBay.
Confusingly seems to show it in a very different place. On the right very close to the gearlever entry.

Unfortunately, the Moss pic doesn't show the remote with provision for the switch.
Dave O'Neill 2

This time with the link.

Edit: oops Dave we've been crossing each others tracks!

Well those pics confirm it Dave, thanks very much.

Deffo no hole like that one in his box, it must have been swopped for an earlier one, curses!

I wonder if any of those ones that used to fit in line with the speedo cable are about?

Had one on an old Mni years ago.
SR Smith 1

The remote housing on eBay has a BIN of 45. Needs cleaning and painting and it's an engine out job to change it I expect.

What would the customer think of that option? I'd still go for the manual switch personally.

It's between him and the dealer that sold him the car now.

Nothing's ever easy is it?
SR Smith 1

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