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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 S/S LCB Exhaust manifold. Best/cheapest?

I'm in the market for a new Stainless LCB for my 1275 Sprite.

Does anyone know if thus company?
Specialist Components of Norfolk.

They are selling a S/S LCB for 115 inc Vat, Plus delivery.

Does anyone know if this good, or of a better one for a sensible price?

Lawrence Slater

It looks quite nice Lawrence but the three holes are out of alignment even on their publicity shot

They might simply pop onto the studs without any huge struggles

But my Peco mild steel manifold took huge amounts of leverage to get it to fit (them to fit, I've worn out two in the time Lara has been on the road) and always caused thread damage in the process

I have a manifold from Ashley Exhausts on the car now which is nice but non stainless, that was about 130 if my memory is on track today

(the PECO was rubbish in just about every way except it flowed gases very nicely, both cracked on the centre branch in bad places to get the welder in)

I suspect the gas flow isnt quite as good on mine, when I've sorted the head I hope to get an opinion from our own expert
Bill sdgpM

Looks good at that price. Cheaper than some mild steel ones. My only worries would be that some stainless these days doesn't seem very stainless and how prone are they to cracking. Stainless is more susceptible to cracking than mild steel so I'd definitely make sure it is braced to the engine/gearbox.

john payne

I seem to remember someone on here (possibly Peter?) saying they had seen localised hotspots on the head when using stainless.

Trevor Mason

You are correct Trevor I am not a fan of stainless ex manifolds. I prefer mild steel but sometimes it may be better to buy the stainless: price better or performance better because of design?

Peter Burgess Tuning

Can't comment on the item in question but would add the following:-
Don't by PECO - rubbish - won't fit without a lot of faffing.
Kim Dear @ Magic midget sells Maniflow bits - I, and I believe others here, recommend.
Any particular reason you want stainless?
Simon Wood

Personally, I wouldn't fit anything other than Maniflow.
Dave O'Neill 2

I fitted the one sold by Moss and have no issues whatsoever. Fitted perfectly first time and seems to flow better than my old PECO LCB.
graeme jackson

Why Stainless? Looks better than rust, and because it's cheaper than the mild steel ones I've seen.

But if s/s causes local heat problems and can damage the head in some way, then it doesn't sound too good.

I'll eamil them and ask about the hole alignment, and hot spots and if they are aware of cracking issues.

I'll also ask on the mini forums, as they claim fame for making good mini stuff too.

Cheers chaps.

Lawrence Slater

this is 'why stainless'....

graeme jackson

IME a stainless exhaust will look just as manky as a mild steel one after a few years, especially where it gets hot (manifold). It won't stay all shiny unless you choose to polish it regularly!
Simon Wood

I am a long time Maniflow man on both my Sprites. The manifolds do not have to look manky with age just give them a repaint with BBQ paint every now and then.
Alan Anstead

Lawerwnce... they make some ground breaking cermic heat resistant powder coatings...

I wish I had taken the great advice i was givin and had the inside of the maniflod ceramic coated... it would make a huge differsnce in several areas

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

CHEAP. My primary concern isn't how it looks.

It's if it's good, and cheap.

This one is cheaper than mild steel, and if it's good, I'm interested. But if the suggestion that it may damage the head in some way because of hot spots, then I'll stick to the cheapest but best mild steel job.

Having said all that, yours looks the biz graeme. :).

Moss: Manifold, exhaust, extractor, stainless steel, 1 piece 203.00.

That's twice the price of the one I've found. Is it twice as good?

Specialist Components say theirs is ---- :
Mandrel bent (no reduction in cross-sectional area) thin wall tubes - lightweight and no restrictions.
T304 stainless - TIG welded, check the weld quality out in the pictures!
Formed ends at the manifold face for maximum flow and effeciency - this is the only manifold with this attention to detail!
35mm OD outers, 38mm OD centre branch
42mm OD tailpipe using 1.2mm wall thickness throughout.

What Spec is Moss's S/S manifold? I can't find it on the website.

Lawrence Slater


That sounds like more machine crafted then human handed... Im not sure if thats a good china mass production thing or a bad irishmans monday morning 6 am project

Prop and the Blackhole Midget


Did you ask them why the flanges don't line up?
Dave O'Neill 2

Not yet Dave. Been busy with the Capri. But will bell them on Monday.
Lawrence Slater

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