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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1275 timing

Hello gents,
This weekends question is : How do i get my timing light to reach from the battery to down under the front of the car ? MY timing marks appear to be under the crank pulley ? Is this for real ?
What does everyone else do or are your marks in the usual place ?


G Bewick

No Gary, your marks are in the usual place! Awkward!

Many owners, me included, fabricate a second set of marks on the top side of the camchain chest. It makes life a whole lot easier!

Gary... it sucks to be you, haha

If your short on battry cable length and okay on the spark plug sensory wire you can get some 22,to 26 guage copper strand wire and rig it to the battery and then to the clamps of your gun...and wrap it in electrical tape to avoid any shorting out

Or you maybe able to hook onto the horn leads behind the grill or the head lamps for juice

The timming gun wont pull much juice im going to guess about as much as a car radio... its just the flash bulb, flash light and the circuitery to opperate the it dosnt have to have huge jumper wires thickness

If you got an assitant that can follow your lead take can understand retard or advance direction of the dissy (clockwise anti clock, right / Left that is also ideal

Thst way you can time and they can twist

Do becareful, and take ALL SAFTY PERCURSIONS... i hate timing under the car like that, it just sucks

Make sure your on level ground and both rear wheels blocked and make sure there is no slop innthe gear shift that it can flop into gear...if by yourself, make sure you got a cell phone with you

Working under the midget always makes me antsy, but laying where you have to and in the postion you have to be in to flash the marks with the engine running and inches away from 1000 rpm spinning parts ...i just cring at the tought

Make sure everyone around you is mature and not an idjot while your under there...keep everyone away from the car... cuz if/when it goes wrong... your toast and you wont die fast and it will be a painful way to go, so please give this alot of respect, do it for me if no other

I own T shirt, and i can assure you scrambling out from under a suddenly rolling car dodging wheels and differentials has lasted me a life time

Good luck buddy, let us know how you get along

1 Paper

Mine has a timing chain cover with set of pointers the top side, then a notch on the crankshaft pulley that lines up with these.

A quick image search doesn't show anything identical, but mini-spares CAM4868 has a similar arrangement.


Use a jump lead to extend the electric to where you need it :)
Rob Armstrong

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