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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 14 inch 5.5 wire rims on rwa


just got some 14inch 5.5 width wires for my rwa.

I use the car for occasional rack days and road use in the spring. Has anyone got a some reccomendations for tyres and if there any fitting issues? Ive looked in the archives and cant really aaything. I havent lowered the car at all.

Many thanks and Happy Christmas.
B Burrowes

Fitting issues may depend on the offset of the wheels. Did you have them custom made to your spec or are they a standard item for another car?
David Smith

I run 185 60 14 Uniroyal rainmasters on my 14 x 6 minilites. they are very good. The soft sidewalls work well on the road, they are a bit soft for track use.

The next ones I get will be narrower. They grip well and look great but have made the car quite a bit "heavier"
Rob Armstrong

Bottom two or three calculators on link below might help with wheel and tyre fit generally.

Not sure what you mean about your use of the car(? only use it in spring??).

Happy Xmas to you.
Nigel Atkins

thanks Nigel, good link.

im assuming i wont have fitting issues on the car itself with spacers etc?
B Burrowes

that will depend on the offset, which is why I said it earlier.
David Smith

I've got the same wheels with 175/65/14 Yoko A539s on them.
Lots of grip, but I'm thinking about going down on the width. I think for such a light car the tyres don't really load up and it can skate about a bit on dusty or greasy roads. Not progressive.
Almost a case of less grip would make it more predictable and easier to find the limit, at lower and safer speeds.
I was thinking of something like 155s, but I have got nigh on 210BHP so haven't made my mind up yet...
L McInally

I would say the tyres are quite old as well, and so a newer set might be a bit softer and stickyer and take some of that skatiness away. In fact they are probably verging on an MOT failure - must be 10+ years old? (I don't do a lot of miles)
L McInally

What speed rating will your car be requiring from the tyres?
Daniel Stapleton

I spoke to early regards "just got them", the person I was buying them from had his lock up broken into and they have been stolen. So sorry David I wont be able to measure the offset.

Daniel the plan was to use them for track days and every day use as a happy medium.

I currently have 155/70/r13's on and wanted something a bit more grippy.

Which 14x5.5 wires were they? midget wires have a spefic shaped centre to clear the brake calipers, any 14's I've tried foul them.
Paul Walbran

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