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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 14 inch dia wheels

Anybody got any experience of running 14 inch dia wheels on a sprite.
Minilite replicas that are available for Morris Minors are advertised as being a suitable replacement for sprites and midgets.

R Mcknight

Not me, but a few of the K guys are. It's presumably square wheel arched so limited in tyre width without slight jacking of the arch tops.

tyre options are better in H rated for the lunatics amongst us. 165/65. 175/65, 175/60 and 185/60 seem to be the choice. Everyone who has them say they're good, and I'm currently saving up for a set.

Plenty of stuff in the Archives, particularly in the twin cam section
Rob Armstrong

Check with Arie, he has 14 inch mgb after looks great, and his is also a SWA and he is running a k series, it really fills the wheel wells....I do remeber arie had to use a baseball bat and a heating flame to roll the wheel well lip

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Yes, we use 14x5.5" with 175-65x14 in SWA. We did have a Panhard rod (now have Mumford link), but without either of those it still is not a problem - panhard etc needed for 185's.
But we have jacked the wheel arch a little towards the rear, where it intersects with the rear of the tyre. You can safely get 5mm more width without creasing the bodywork. 5mm not 10mm! not much but it makes all the difference.
Paul Walbran

I tried them on the Frogeye and it was a big mistake for me. Ride compliance became very harsh and the steering never felt right. Drove it around for a year adjusting tyre pressures and damper settings but it never felt right. Put the 13's back on and normal service was instantly restored. The car looked great on 14's - which was the reason for shelled out the cash, but I for one couldn't live with the ride.
F Pollock

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