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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 14 inch wheels

Hi all
I want to fit 14x6 inch 4 stud alloy wheels, minilite or similar pattern, this will allow lower profile tyres to be fitted which vastly improves the range of tyres available and hopefully the handling. I am aware that it will also reduce some of the cushioning effect from the higher aspect ratio old school tyres which I am prepared to live with.
any clues please??
R W Bowers

185/60/14 are exactly the same diameter as 175/70/13, and do handle much better, especially on 6 in wheels. I have a few customers with 175/70/13 on Rostyles on RWA cars without problem, but those are 4.5 wheels.

Your problem will be clearance and offset on the wheels, which I cannot advise on, but it is certainly iffy. I'd cut or flare the wings in a heartbeat - love the 185/60/14 on 6" on my Mazdas.

FR Millmore

you're right, there are much more tyres to choose from in that size.

couple of thoughts though (I've also thought about doing this, quite recently!)

my 175/70/13s (on 5 inch rims) rub on the leaf springs under extreme driving conditions so I had to fit spacers. Wider might then hit the wheelarch at the back (but probably only on one side....)

They also catch on the inner wings at the front over big bumps, using standard front springs with a K so slightly higher, and harder dampers.

I'm not sure I'd want to go wider than 175, though if stepping up I would either go 185/60/14 or 175/65/14. Dad's standard midget is arguably overtyred with the 175 on, makes it a little less fun in my opinion, it's almost completely unprovokable.

It would mean that the track rod ends wouldn't be as close to the wheels, and 14 setup is probably lighter than a 13.

couple of the K chaps have 14's. There's a bit in the archives too.
Rob Armstrong

Will it improve handling? Lower profile tyres may improve ultimate cornering ability in ideal conditions but that cushioning also contributes to the ability to drive quickly on less than ideal surfaces. This is what I understand to be the subtlety embodied in the term 'handling'.
Jeremy Cogman

I put 5 1/2J Minilites with 185X60 Yokohamas on the Frogeye and I could't live with it. The ride was hard and uncompliant and it never felt right in the turns.I have Armstrong adjustable lever arms at the back and no tweaking to these or to the tyre pressures got it close to the fluidity I felt with the 13's. They looked great of course, and with a 10mm spacer at the back there were no clearance issues for me - but after 6 months I took them off and sold them on eBay - expensive mistake.
F Pollock

10mm spacer on the back might have had something to do with it not feeling right..

Though you've highlighted the exact issue why mine's still on 13s. I don't want to upset it :p
Rob Armstrong

I agree with Fergus on this.
I also have 5 1/2 J 13s with 185x60s too and while they are very grippy in the dry on Sprints and trackdays, they are not very good on autosolos and in damp/wet conditions. I will go back to 165 70s (or at most 175 65s) with a tyre that gives a bit less grip. I will probably wait till the Yokos wear out (which wont take long) rather than sell them.
frogeye Gary

"wait till the Yokos wear out (which wont take long)"

Good to hear youve got your gearbox sorted then Gary. ;)
Arie de Best

All good info thanks lads
R W Bowers

Gearbox not sorted yet. The engine comes out this weekend. Will keep you posted. Bob T coming over to help me.
frogeye Gary

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