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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 15 leaf rear springs

15 leaf rear springs are those quarter elliptic springs as fitted to Sprite Mk1 and Sprite Mk2 / midget Mk1.
These springs have been unobtainable for some time. The alternatives available need the extra purchase of spring wedges, from the likes of Peter May Eng' if the car is not to have its rear in the air like an American Hot Rod.
Whilst manning the Midget & Sprite Club stand at the Classic Car Show, NEC over the weekend I was approached by a representative of British Classic Car Parts (BCC)
who claimed that his firm had recently make a set of springs for a customer at a high price but that if there was a demand that the future cost would be much reduced.
To let them know of interest contact
For information.
Alan Anstead

They do look a bit pricey
Dave O'Neill 2

Jeepers! I'm glad I've got semis.
Bernie Higginson

Oh my god,

Is it becuase of the 24k gold alloy thats mixed into the steel ?

Or are these manufactured in outer space ?

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Thanks Alan, Looks interesting! I wonder how many sets would be needed to get the price down. There must be limited number of Mk1'a and 2's left and the original factory springs tend to hold up quite well. Mine are the originals and whilst they have settled a little there is still plenty of life left in them.
Bob Beaumont


I didnt know you lived in a heavy forrest...or do you own a lumber mill... haha

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Hi Alan

Interesting info, thanks.

Anyone asked Brost Forge in London, or other leaf spring manufacturers/refurbishers for a price for recon or new quarter elliptic springs?

M Wood

Don't know but MGBHive have them on evilbay at the mo for 125 inc p&p if anyone needs some now!!
D Prince

Don't know but MGBHive have them on evilbay at the mo for 125 inc p&p if anyone needs some now!!
D Prince

Original springs were 15 leaf and unobtainable for some time.
Most suppliers have replacements but not fifteen being unable to get quality steel at affordable prices. There are several forges that claim to be able to reset / repair original leaves. I was merely passing on the source for the benefit of all.
Both of my cars run modern replica springs with wedges.
Alan Anstead

Thanks Alan, I'll email. It's a shame none of the clubs have organised this, or even banded together to do. Surely the clubs collectively could easily solicit 100 orders and do it on a cost plus admin basis rather than a commercial one.

D Prince, those are the non OE (10 or is it 11) leaf ones that in my and others' experience ride too high, are not very progressive and (though not from that vendor) don't last that long.
Jeremy Cogman

Just to follow up on this. I've emailed them and got a very prompt reply saying they are getting some interest.

However I'd like to encourage all other quarter elliptically sprung car owners to send them an email. Most of us are bouncing around on poor reproduction springs (laughably styled 'heavy duty') and those with the correct springs are one leaf breakage from being in the same boat. Why wouldn't you email them?
Jeremy Cogman

email sent
Simon Wood

Moi aussi!
Bob Beaumont

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