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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 15' minilites

Has anyone tried this, I'd like to see some pictures, not sure if 15 is a little too big..
R T Jakeman

The Yamaha powered midget from Steve Nash has 15inch revolution(ish) wheels.
Looks very good especialy with his beautifull made wheel arches.
I have it in a Retro Classic magazine but sadly I have no scanner... :(

like you I have been wondering if there are any 15 minilites for the midget and how it would look.
To less rubber in the arches?
Arie de Best

I think 15 feet is way too big!
Dave O'Neill 2

I tried 14's on the Frog and although it looked great the ride was too harsh. Back to 13's and it feels fine.
F Pollock

I plan to run 15"s on my Midget. The only two spridgets I have found running 15" wheels are on a car with a fibreglass front:¤t=Frontwheelplanview.jpg, which has custom made ROH alloys fitted, and on Rob Griffiths car which has flared front and rear guards. Pictures of his car with 15" wires and what I believe to be 15" minilites can be found in the "Twin cam 16v K ser - Midgets and B's" forum, in the thread titled "New engine purchased!".

I plan to go to 15"s and a 195/50 or 205/50 tyre as there is very little available in decent road rubber over here in suitable 13" and 14" sizes. My car has small flares front and rear being done along with other bodywork at the moment. I took a 15"x6" wire wheel (my car currently has wires) with a 205/60 tyre from my fathers MGA on the weekend and fitted it to the rear of my car where the arches have been completed. It fitted fine (though the offset on the wheel was wrong - when pushed home on the splines the tyre was hard against the inner guard), so I am confident that a 15x6 or 15x7 wheel with proper offset and one of the tyre sizes mentioned should fit and work well on my car.

these arent mini lites, but are these 15" wheels in this ultra cool youtube video

at 1:56 to 2:00

I've seen the Yamaha 15" wheeled midget at a Sprint. My road car was closer to the ground and probably quicker. The normally aspirated Frogeyes were quicker through the clocks.

Unless you are going off-roading or green laning I can't imagine why you'd fit 15" wheels.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

A 195/50-15 is within 1mm diameter of the 175/70-13s on my car and many others. A 205/50-15 is only 5mm larger in radius. Ok, so the 175/70-13 is 7mm in radius larger than stock, so compared to the original 145/82-13 a 205/50-15 is 12mm larger in radius. This is not really an issue though given the car will need to have flared bodywork to suit the tyre, and so can be lowered as much as desired?

Anyone have pictures of this Yamaha powered Midget?

"Unless you are going off-roading or green laning I can't imagine why you'd fit 15" wheels."

Daniel, its because of the "cool" factor. :)
Arie de Best

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