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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 Brake Master Cylinder Banjo Bolt

Hi everyone,

So this weekend I decided to tackle the issue of replacing all my brake pipes. Got what I thought was everything and started to make up the different sections.

Went to install them and it seems that the thread coming out of the master cylinder banjo is not the same as all the other threads in the braking system...

Id rather not make up new pipes to fit this but wonder if there is anywhere I can pick up a new banjo union and banjo bolt with the right threads...?

The thread inside the master cylinder is correct but the threads to connect the two pipes is not...?

Any advice on where I can pick these up. I don't really want to buy it from Moss unless I know 100% that is is the right part for the job.


S J Dodd

I guess I will have to either try the Moss one or get an adaptor then...
S J Dodd

Simon, the only way I can help is to bump the thread and perhaps suggest a look through the Archives
Nigel Atkins

that didn't last long did it
Nigel Atkins

Any of these useful?

M Wood

M Wood

Thanks for your help, I'll work something out from those links :)

I had a brief look through the archives just before you posted Nigel and found something about different sizes for just those connections which seems a bit mental but then I guess this is BL we are talking about :) haha

Thanks again for your help!
S J Dodd

Hey Simon,

Did you resolve this issue? Is it a late (dual circuit) or early (single circuit) car? I am assuming single if you are talking about the master cylinder banjo (I think the later did away with it)

Anywho, I encountered a sort of similar problem the other week on my early 1500. When I stripped the shell years ago I noticed the funny banjo coming from the master cylinder but thought "meh, probably 20 pence worth, I will just buy a new one when the time comes".

Oh no no, 20 for a pee wee banjo bolt. Crazy!

I had a few spare bits such as a straight connector and a T piece lying around and thought about making do with those, but didn't have confidence in it (too many bits and potential failure points) and went out and bought the correct parts.

M Le Chevalier

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