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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 camshaft needed, anyone got a spare?


As you can see from the photo, I need a new camshaft now. Its pitted on the 2 cams for cylinder 3 and worn so that there is no longer any profile on the cams... I'm surprised any fuel mixture was getting in at all!

So, does anyone have a spare 1500 camshaft in good condition that they are willing to part with on the cheap? I don't fancy 100 for a new one unless I have no other choice.

I just missed out on one on ebay which went for a tenner! So upset. Still, thats life I guess.

C L Carter

I'm pretty sure I've got one in storage...
(I'm pretty sure I've got the basis for a whole 1500 midget in storage)
How to get it to you though?
Are there any other bits you may need?
Anyone else?
A good clearout is well overdue!
Bob T

Bob, you are a saviour!

I live in Vauxhall at the moment, so I'm sure I could make my way down to Croydon at somepoint over the next week.

You may have read on other posts that I'm also after a good oil pump, so if you also have one of those then I'd be forever in your debt.

I was completely down in the dumps this afternoon, now you've really cheered me up!

My email is carter dot christian at g mail dot com

Thank you so much!
C L Carter

I'm pretty sure I've got a used oil pump but I think you'd be better off fitting a new one.

I might make it up to the Ace Cafe this week if you fancy meeting up there?
Bob T

Christian, I am going to go to Ace this week, so I can either give you a ride, or pick up stuff for you.

-- Josh
Josh L

Thanks both, yes I'll come up to Ace Cafe with Josh. Sounds like a plan.

As for the Oil pump, I'm beginning to run out of funds so - as long as its measures within tolerance then I don't see how it can be any worse than a new one. If you're happy to part with it, then I'd very much appreciate it.

C L Carter

Not sure if you will see this in time but I've dug out the old cam and an old oil pump - both look perfectly servicable!
Heading off to the Ace in a little while so should be there for 7 - 7:30
Bob T

Nice to meet a few new faces tonight. My thanks to Bob again for the replacement camshaft - perhaps this photo may explain exactly why I needed a new one.

C L Carter

Maybe its a BL special tuning "low lift" cam ;o)
Bob T

Special tuning cam to meet ever increasting US smog regulations!
Malcolm Le Chevalier

Regarding Christian Carter's original cam and its 'interesting' lobe.

I would say that, at some time in its life, the cam has been reground/reprofiled.

Is it just that one lobe that looks worn?
Andy Hock

Time to take an angle grinder to the base circle I think - massive amounts of duration on that profile, just needs a tad more lift... ;o)
James Bilsland

No Andy, its just that one and the other one for cylinder 3. - As soon as you wear through the case hardening, it must just go... and I think the oil feed there must be crap... I'm going to stick my nose into the oilways around there and see if there is some horrible casting or blockage.
C L Carter

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