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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 clutch

midgetu may have read in an earlier post about my clutch not disengaging properly. I'm now having to start the car in gear, and change gear at the right speeds...

I've had a look and the slave cylinder clamping bracket has a lovely blob of fresh fluid on it. First thought - change the slave...
C L Carter

Yes, the red plastic piping is correct for a late 1500. I think if it were cracked you would find where fluid had leaked through onto the surface, Sounds like you slave piston seals have gone.

I only know about the red pipe because I've seen a photo in Terry Horler's book

I'd say change the slave and that'll also change the whole fluid just hope it doesn't show up the master - have you noticed any difference in colour or consistency of fluid in the master reservoir
Nigel Atkins

Thanks guy.

Yep I'm going to change the slave, and get a rebuild kit for the master.

Got an easy bleed today. Man alive that saves so much effort (sadly doesn't come with adapter for Brake res)

Clutch bled... made problem much better... but after 5 or 6 miles it was back to misbehaving again.

when I bled it, Nigel, it was a clear colour and fine. But in the master cylinder the fluid looks dirty (I should have taken some out and inspected - perhaps the master seals have gone)

C L Carter

The other thing to check on the nylon clutch tube is to make sure it has some kind of grommet or protection where it goes through the battery shelf. And that the battery is properly tied down and not sliding into the tube when you go round corners. My original wore through and developed a leak when we traveled 400 miles to a NAMGBR convention.
Kim Tonry

I'm sure you'll want to overall the MC yourself so I only put this as it's what I was told - in many cases (not necessarily yours?) it's better to replace the MC than use a rebuild kit

so I'd suggest change the slave first, clean out MC reservoir, renew all fluid and see how that goes before considering rebuilding the MC as it might not be required
Nigel Atkins

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