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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 cooling system filling

I have had to drain my rad. What is the best way to re-fill the system avoiding air locks.

out of interest, I have just knocked up 6000 miles in 8 months on the midget!! hasn't given me any troubles as a daily driver. Loving it on the icy roads!!!!
Nick Sayle

I fill with the thermostat removed then re-install. After running it a bit then letting it cool down, I remove the brass plug over the thermostat, depress the thermostat against it's spring a bit with a small flat bladed screwdriver, then top up the housing. After doing this a few times you will find only coolant when you depress the thermostat, then you "know" the trapped air is removed.
Richard Reeves


I've never had a problem filling mine, I just fill it via the plug on the thermostat housing. I suspect Richard has a thermostat without a "jiggle pin" (not sure what to call it) this is a small pin that lets the air out from under the thermostat. I purchased a new one from MGOC and it didn't have the pin so I stuck with the old one.
Bob Davis

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