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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 crank pully nut

Hi all.

The stripdown of my car is snowballing nicely, so I would like to get the crank pulley nut undone (it's a 1500). My measurement suggests I need a 47mm or 1.85inch across the flats, but I'm mildly unsure because that seems to be an odd size (and my metric brain can't compute .85 of an inch into a sensible fraction?), and it appears to have previously been attacked with a chisel to attempt to get it undone which may have munged the nut a bit.
I'll get a photo on my website later -, but if anyone knows what it should be, that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Dave

I use a 46mm socket which fits perfectly on my 1500 crank pulley nut.

The only place I could get one locally was as part of a 3/4" drive socket set, from Machine Mart.

I thought it was a rip off when I first paid for the set but in the last 2 years it's paid for it's self a few times over!

Good Luck

D Prince

1 13/16" or 46mm. My Snap-On socket (found cheap on E-Bay) has both numbers stamped on it.
Richard Reeves

Thanks guys.
I guess my nut must be nadgered enough that it doesn't measure properly - should add to the fun of trying to remove the damn thing.
I'll get a 46mm ordered and hope I can whack it on.



DH2, as per your photo . . . when undoing the nut, don't be afraid to use a chisel and club hammer if need be. You could buy a replacement nut - and, when replacing, use a spot of thread lock.

I still have nightmares from the time when I tried to get the nut off my 1500, many years ago. In the end, my father arranged for a local mechanic to visit, whereupon he used the 'chisel and persuader' technique. Sometimes, brute force is the only answer.

Andy Hock

Dave -

You can always use a grinder or something to knock the protruding bits off the nut first so the socket will fit.

Best of luck,

Gryf Ketcherside

Yep, like Dave and Richard mine is also a 1 13/16 - 46mm.
Used it once and was very pleased Id invested in one as i then realy needed it.

Even if only used once or not even used at all: buying tools is NEVER a waste of money, some day it will find its use for you or a friend.

Despite being an amateur I can still enjoy having a "as complete as possible" workshop.
Arie de Best

Belated thanks to everyone, it was indeed 46mm, and the nut came off surprisingly easily with a block of wood between the crank and the block, and a long bar on the socket.

I think the timing chain is just within tolerance, are they known to cause issues (apart from the obvious if it self-destructs!)?



hi dave, sorry to hijack your thread but i'm having the same problem with my 1275, anyone know what size socket i need?. ps does the DH2 refer to Durham, if so where?
paul sewell

Hi Paul,

DH2 is just a nickname I acquired a number of years ago - I'm in Cambridgeshire rather than Durham.
Can't help with your pulley nut question, but hopefully someone will be along who can...


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