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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 decommissioned emissions

I have owned my 1275, 1971 midget since it was new but am working with my neighbor on the restoration of her 1500, 1976 Midget.

We decided to remove emissions equipment to reduce weight and improve access to the engine compartment. The tag in the compartment indicates a 2
Glenn Mallory

Im thinking Deb evans is going to be your best friend on this one.

Curious... How does she perform now that she can breather ...what might be cool is going to the Uk HS4 set up, but to get really cool, and better performance (well torque anyway) perhaps a UK 1300 spitefire intake with HS2 carbs..

Yeah I just learned about this little gem of a mod last night, apperantly HAP of acme speed shop Is a fan of this set up on the 1500.

Does the 1500 have ported vac like the later 1275s? This might help explain lack of vac adv at idle...

Vac adv at idle isn't nec bad.

Anthony Cutler

Set the advance to 10 BTDC @ 800rpm with vacuum disconnected as an intial setting & see how it runs.

I've got my desmogged '78 1500 up to 14 BTDC now & it runs absolutely great!

Set it & don't fret over the vacuum advance, as long as you have no detonation (pinging), you're fine!

It also likes Premium 93 octane, I've tried 87, no detonation, but a little sluggish...
Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

What Dave said.

My desmogged '79 1500 is set to 16 BTDC, vac disconnected and runs pretty well. Also, some of the NA 1500's have a vacuum retard distributor as stock equipment for emissions control.
Richard Reeves

Yep, you're right original distributor had a vacuum retard.

I replaced it with a pertronix distributor with vacuum perked the little engine right up!

Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

A pic of my setup:

Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

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