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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 Distributor drive and pedestal

I'm currently rebuilding my 1500 (largely stock) and am having trouble fitting the pedestal.

The Haynes guides mentions setting endfloat via shimmed gaskets, however I can't find anywhere that sells them. At the moment I have 1.3mm between pedestal and block.

Any help appreciated.

Hi B,

Not done this but wondered if you have spoken to Rimmer Bros?

They do 1500 midget bits but are really a big Triumph supplier so they have lots of 1500 stuff. I find the web site a bit of a faf but if you can ask the right questions and hang in there on the phone you will probably get some useful help. Some of the advice in the Haynes re parts for the engine is a bit out of date.

Are you sure its an original model distributer?

Cheers, Dave
Dave Squire

Dave correctly advises Rimmer Bros. for these.
They list "shim gaskets" of .006 & .020 to be used as required.

Best of....
M McAndrew

Thanks, ordered two of each.

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