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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500. Engine oil capacity

Could someone tell me the amount of oil my 1500 engine will take including a new filter. I only have a haynes manual and i cant find it in there.
S Langston

it'll be in your copy of the owners Handbook along with loads more info, surely you've got a copy!!!??!!

with oil cooler around 5 litres but it all depends how much previous oil is left in engine, pipes and cooler so put in 3.5 and top up gently from there

and get a copy of the owners Handbook :)

Haynes is OKish for repairing, for owning, driving and servicing it's the owners Handbook
Nigel Atkins

Oil caoacity with filter change = 4.5L (just under 1 gallon).

Oil capacity without filter change = 4L (7 pints).
Deborah Evans

Deb's got it.

Personally, I usually refill with four quarts, then start the engine, run the new oil through for a few minutes, shut off, wait a few, and check the level again... based on what I see on the stick, I add oil until it's up to the full mark.

So yeah, you can certainly get by with buying five quarts (or liters, if so packaged). You'll use four, and part of the fifth, which you then stick in the boot. ;-)

Gryf Ketcherside

Cheers for the info. :-)
Nigel ,I bought a genuine workshop manual an when it came i realised it didnt cover the 1500 !
So Haynes is the only book i have at present. Must get a proper book.
I didnt get round to doing the oil today, looks like its another job for ron ! Spent my day changing the carb needles the trying to get the bloody thing to run right. Think i have cracked it now, just got to check the cold starting and choke.
S Langston

The midget Workshop manual is spectacularly poor for Midget 1500 specific stuff and the Haynes only marginally better.

I'd suggest that for engine and gearbox queries you get a Spitfire 1500 manual or the Haynes Spitfire manual (which is far better than their Midget one).
Deborah Evans

when you get a copy of the owners Handbook you'll see it's the best of the three for general ownership of the car

I've not got a copy for 1500 so guesstimated oil capacity

USA quarts aren't the same as UK quarts, a UK quart is two pints, anyone in the UK will know what a pint is, if only as milk
Nigel Atkins

75-79 cars this DVD might be usefull but not IMO as usefull as a paper copy of the owners Handbook and paper copy of the (factory) Parts Catalogue
Nigel Atkins

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