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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 engine part

Getting ready to go back on the road.

I have an oil leak where the ally closer wood block bits are below the front pulley and above the sump.

Last year I had 'another go' at sealing this and bought some replacement ally closers from Rimmers ready for the next attempt.

Since then I thought I found Rimmers were doing steel ones of these (yippee) however I asked them today (I rang up) and they said no they only have ally ones. I hate Rimmers web site, can't find stuff on it.

Can anyone recall steel closers? and if so give me a pointer to where to find them? I was sure someone was doing them and it was Rimmers. Any help in the next few days appreciated.

If they are not available and I end up re doing the ally ones anyone got any ideas how to get it right? I have previously got new wood bits, new sump gaskets, blue hylomar, flattened the sump rim accurately, etc. etc. over my last 3 attempts to get this right. I must be missing something simples methinks.

All help appreciated. Thanks in advance, Dave
Dave Squire

You could try Canley Classics. If they don't do them, I'm sure they will know if they're available.
Dave O'Neill 2

i fit one from tssc old thread link below.I rang them and they were very helpfull did not mind it was for an MG .lol

mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs

here is a link to block

i think you might find someone has used wrong screws to fit it and warped it mine was quite warped.

mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs

Hi Mark, that's the one.

I had exactly the same reaction from the Rimmer Bros Triumph guy when I said I had a midget 1500. He banged on about excellent Triumph engineering! Then he had to go to the store to actually look.

Thanks, Dave
Dave Squire

Urgh, good luck with this Dave! I have tried three times and still leaky!

alternative is to drill, tap and helicoil the piece to give the threads more strength.

Malcolm Le Chevalier

I obtained the steel version from Jigsaw:

Fitting this is still on my list of jobs to do....
Philip Kevan

I also fitted the Jigsaw racing parts due to the threads on the old part were found to be the cause of an oil leak.

Only problem was the 6 weekends it took to undo the pulley nut!

If anyone has the same problem with the pulley nut I will gladly loan the rather large spanner that fits perfectly and was found to be the answer to the problem along with an extension bar.

But the Jigsaw part proved a good investment for around 32 if I remember rightly.

Tim Lynam

You need an air powered impact driver for that pulley nut. It would be off in seconds, and with no need to stop the crank from turning, 'cos it won't. Brilliant tool.
Mike Howlett

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