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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 engine weight

Hi everyone,

I am looking at getting an engine stand but I have no idea of the engine weight of my stock 1500. Anyone have a rough or exact figure for this?


S J Dodd

The words

'Boat' and 'Anchor' spring to mind... :)

(with apologies to Deb Evans ;))

James Bilsland

Found this - hope it helps more than my previous post...
James Bilsland

that Triumph spec sheet is interesting! It says the 1500 only weighs 220lbs (but what does "stripped" mean in their use of the word? They do state that it does include the flywheel and manifold).

The 1275 engine is 260lbs (and its transmission is 45lbs).

IS it possible that the 1500 engine weighs LESS than a 1275?

Does anyone have the weight of the 1500 engine and transmission?

I searched the archives and found the above 1275 information from someone who weighed theirs, but I wasn't able to find clear information about the 1500 for comparison. I was sure that the 1500 engine and trans weight had been posted here before but can't seem to find it now.

Interestingly, the 1500 vehicle, UK version, is listed as 1774lbs in the BL shop manual. And the 1275 vehicle is listed as 1701, but I need to do more checking to confirm if this is before or after the 1973/'74 body & bumper reinforcements were added.

Is it possible that the 1500 is really not all that much heavier than a '73 or '74 1275? It is a funny world...

Norm "Mr. Curious" Kerr

Norm Kerr

oops, I hit "send" one second before getting the result of another search!

the Moss catalog, Specs Page:

Bugeye - 660KG (1455 lbs.)
948 Sprite Mk. II/midget Mk I - 1400 lbs.
1098 Sprite Mk. II & III/Midget Mk. I & II - 1466 - 1490 lbs.
Sprite Mk. IV/Midget Mk. III - 1510 lbs (unladen weight); 1701 lbs (curb weight)
1500 Midget - 1849 lbs (curb weight); 2229 lbs (gross weight)

OK, that sounds more realistic. about 150lbs increase from the late 1275 to the 1500.

I am still curious what the actual 1500 engine and transmission weigh...

Norm Kerr

The water pump and housing, alternator bracket are both heavy cast iron castings on the 1500. The 1500 bellhousing is also cast iron as is the gearbox main casing.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

1500 engine and gearbox weigh 350 pounds, so about 250 for engine less gearbox/bellhousing. Just about any engine stand will do.
Lee Fox

Bottom line... You dont need a lift to put the engine in or take it out...

Just put your back into it...and dont lift with your leg just a good solid and really fast "Clean and jerk" using your lower back and abdomin...LOL

Sorry that was terriable advice


Thanks guys, cleared a lot up for me. Prop I guess your nickname is the hunchback of Notre Damme!!! lol
S J Dodd

Thanks Lee!

The 1275 E/G & M/T = 305lbs
The 1500 E/G & M/T = 350lbs

45 lbs worth of cast iron,


Norm Kerr

Most of that is in the bell-housing and 'box. The alternator bracket on a 1500 is virtually insignificant in weight and the water pump/fan weigh weigh about as much as a bag of sugar.

Alloy bell-housings are available but they aren't cheap!
Deborah Evans

290ish at Canley Classics about a third of the weigh of the cast one

Cast iron water pump housing 2.2KG v 880 grams alloy for 70ish.

Expensive way to loose weight? Or easy way?

l snowdon

New engine or what?

The alloy water pump housing was only manufactured because the originals are NLA (and it was cheaper to cast it in alloy so I'm told).

The bell-housing is a worthwhile weight saving (as is an alloy engine back-plate).

When I was racing Spitfires I used a Herald 948 bell-housing - these were allot as standard (although this would require slight modification to fit the single rail 'box fitted to the 1500 Midget - IF you could find one that is).

The alloy parts are a little bit cheaper via Rimmer Brothers.

Canleys list an alloy front plate - this is a very BAD idea!
Deborah Evans

I saw a racing spitfire (pah!) that had gently kissed the barrier with one of those alloy front plates fitted - what a mess, trashed the engine big time!
l snowdon

Exactly! Any sort of shunt and the engine mounts collapse!

Doh! What Muppet thought THAT would be a good idea?
Deborah Evans

Thanks for all your continued support,

I have got my stand and crane now, the engine is hanging on the crane though...

I have no idea how to mount it to the stand... I have seen some people mount it from the side but I can't work out where the bolts would go for this. The way I was looking at was over the flywheel, obviously this would need the clutch to be removed though.

Any help and pictures of how you have mounted yours to a stand would be greatly appreciated.


S J Dodd

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