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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 exhaust fitting

I am going to fit an exhaust on a 1500 and as the car has not had one fitted since i bought it i am looking for pictures of how and where the brackets fit
mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

Does this help?
Bob T

Thanks i have that and hayens manual i was hoping for some pics of the rear box and around the back axle as i offered it up and it all looks close to axle
mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

The link Bob posted shows where the pick up points are - either inserts for bolts (front) or holes rear etc for mounts as shown - make sure you have all the bits for your model.
Main thing is to put it all together loose, hang it on the mounts and then move it about (rotate etc) to get a good fit before tightening up.

richard boobier

Tried to fit it today and it all seems to be a bit close to rear axle and tail pipe coming out at a odd angle could do with looking at one fitted to see if i am doing something wrong.
mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

They do come out at a "weird" angle. I haven't got mine here at the moment but if you post a pic of yours then that's as good.

Does this help?

C Carter

I think I have found my problem the rear shackles appear to be seized and they make the rear axle lower see pic

mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

looked at another today which one is correct

mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

second one - item 31
Nigel Atkins

thanks that would explain the large gap between the rear wheel and the wheel arch when its on the ground as well as why the exhaust wont fit
mark (1977 1500 Midget) Preston Lancs

you might find the paper book (factory) Parts Catalogue useful even though you can get free parts lists and drawing off the internet - (Ref: 0016)
Nigel Atkins

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