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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 exhaust manifold required


I am foolishly trying to rebuild my engine and gearbox in a week. Big mistake, but more on that later.

I'm in need of a new exhaust manifold - it turns out the one on the car is crumbling to pieces.

Does anyone happen to have a spare one (in good condition) kicking around? Else can anyone recommend a good breakers near London or that will ship?

C L Carter


Malcolm Le Chevalier

Well guys,

I have a used tubular manifold which someone can have for 50 quid plus p&p if it's any help, It will need a y-piece to do the final 2-1 but is in good order.

Let me know if it's of interest, There's a pic below


D Prince

and a second

D Prince

Have you tried spitfire graveyard in sheffield ?

They are bound to have a 1500 manifold knocking around . Dont know their phone number offhand but if you google it im sure you will find it
D Stratton

A spitfire manifold is different, as it has two downpipes.

How about Andy Jennings in Southampton?
Dave O'Neill2

I got one from Andy Jennings in the end... I needed it today.

Cost 25

Next day delivery 10

See photo

C L Carter

And 45 minutes later in the blasting cabinet and...see photo

I could sell that to moss for 190 lol

C L Carter

it looks almost appealing :)

arms stretch out - never mind, looks good anyway
Nigel Atkins

Make sure you test the mounting faces with a straight edge. Mine had a gap at the center branch that eventually caused the gasket to burn through at the bottom.

Gryf Ketcherside

Thats what happened to my old one Gryf!

This one is good though.
C L Carter

For future reference, the stock Midget 1500 exhaust manifold is the same as the Toledo/Dolomite 1500/1500FWD which themselves are the same as the Herald 13/60 and the Spitfire MkIII.
Deborah Evans

Dave O'Neill2 , the actual spitfire 1500 exhaust manifold would fit a midget 1500 . I know that for sure as mine is fitted out with one !
D Stratton


I do not have any other contact details for you, did you forget you had a booking on my rollers as you didnt turn up?

Peter Burgess Tuning

<<the actual spitfire 1500 exhaust manifold would fit a midget 1500 >>

Yes, it will fit the engine, but as it has two downpipes, it will not connect directly to the exhaust, so is not a direct swap.
Dave O'Neill2

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