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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - 1500 Extractor Manifolds

Hi guys,

Nearly ready to refit the engine and tansmission to my 500 after an overhaul.

Just wondering if anyone has had experience with after market tubular manifolds for the 1500.

I'm having a different shaped exhaust front pipe made to sweep around the modified gearbox crossmember (my car has overdrive) to stop it getting squashed by speed humps.

So anyone fitted a more efficient manifold? Did it fit nicely etc?

SR Smith 1

Fitted one donkeys years ago, cant remember the make but it was a real pain in the xxxx as the engine was in. The lower 2 parts were so long they wouldn't fit through the hole in the chassis with the engine in the way so had to take off engine mount and jack up. Also had to spring the engine ends to get onto the studs.
Alan McKewan

Thanks Alan.

Looking at the Maniflow one, looks good and they have a good reputation for a quality product.

SR Smith 1

You have e-mail.
Alan Anstead

I have no experience of their 1500 manifold, but the Maniflow A-series manifold is the best available IMHO.
Dave O'Neill2

Hi guys,

Thanks for that and the e-mail Alan.

You've sold it to me, ordered one.

Regards Steve
SR Smith 1

maniflow great kit
rgds tony
a boyle

Thanks Tony,

Another endorsdement!

Looking forward to fitting it now, hopefully be here middle of next week.
SR Smith 1

Morning guys.

Been away at the Monacco Historic and my lovely new arrived, looks like a nicely made item.
SR Smith 1

midgets try one of these.

M Le Chevalier

That looks such a bargain, I'll order 2 I think lol
SR Smith 1

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